What season are you in?

Did you know that a smile is truly real when you do it when you are alone. What makes you smile when you are alone? Thinking about my horses playing and being ‘cheeky’ always puts a smile on my face, along with remembering moments that have brought me joy, and thinking about fun things I am planning for the future, along with the kindness and thoughtfulness of my dear friends.
I was listening to a motivational speech a couple of weeks ago, and this particular guru said something I found rather profound … that ‘everything has a season’. At the time this struck a chord with me, as I remembered again that the whole of life is made up of seasons, not just the weather! And as surely as Spring follows Winter, so it will be with life … tough times, easy times, fun times, sad times, it’s all part of life’s tapestry.
What’s this got to do with horses? Lots! When on your horsemanship journey, there will be highs and lows. Some days everything goes perfectly and exactly as we want, others we feel challenged and maybe frustrated. Some days our horse seems ‘off’ (are we ‘off’ those days too?) and others they seem calm and happy.
What I’ve learned is to take things in my stride … not to beat myself up for any mistakes I might make, and don’t get too complacent when things are going great!
My program of Natural Horsemanship with Heart is just as much about your personal development, as it is about your horse’s development as a wonderful, willing partner for you.
Accepting the seasons of your development will build your strength, your focus and your belief in yourself, and the journey will be a lot more enjoyable!
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