The Mind Readers

Can your horse read your mind? We know that they can sense our moods, particularly those of urgency, or fear or unrest … but can they ‘know’ when we feel negatively or positively toward them?

I put forward that yes, they can. Evidence is mounting up as I talk to people about this aspect of their relationship with their horses. It’s such an important area that I am including at least one chapter in my upcoming book to this subject.
For instance, what about the man who decided to sell his horse that he’d had for 15 years and whom he wasn’t ‘using’ anymore. The day he decided to do it, his horse would not approach him in the paddock (highly unusual, he assures me, as they’d always had a good relationship!) and for the next 3 days the same thing. On the 4th day the man sat in the paddock to look at his horse and think things over. Suddenly he realised that selling his old companion was the wrong thing to do, and he decided then and there to keep his horse after all. Feeling good with his decision, he stood up, called to his horse and the horse came over right away. Interrrressttting.
If you have a story you would like considered for inclusion, please do let me know! You can email or send an enquiry form that’s on my website
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