Awesome Clinic!

Last Saturday’s horsemanship clinic at Bethanga up in the northernmost reaches of Victoria, right on the NSW border, was fantastic. The group was fun, light-hearted, enthusiastic and attentive – and the horses were awesome as usual!

Right away I could see how much everyone loved their horse, and how keen they all were to learn about ‘being natural’ with their horses! Student Steph came along to help with everything, and at the end of the day, we left feeling tired but so happy that the clinic has been such a success, with big positive changes in all the horses and smiling humans!
Biggest Ah-Ha’s of the day were about reading the horse’s body language, using breathing to control energy, directing focus to relax or engage the horse, and being able to move all the horses around with just a Feather! At the start of the day, no one believed we would be able to do that, and by the afternoon, that’s just what everyone was doing! Awesome!
‘I’ll be back’! and can’t wait! I love my ‘job’! Thanks everyone!
Am back in the office setting clinic dates for the coming months in between getting my new website up and running! Have a look at the dates here!
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