The Brave Society

Thing is: all this natural horsemanship ‘stuff’ really does make a positive difference … to you, your horse, your life! Ask anyone who has embraced a natural approach to their horse, and they will nod their head in agreement – being natural with horses Changes Lives!

Of course, most people don’t expect this to happen to them … they get involved mainly because they think their horse needs ‘fixing’ or they have problems that are soaring out of control and they haven’t done so well with a ‘traditional’ approach.
The personal development side of things (for the human) often comes as a complete surprise, and wow! when that occurs, all sorts of magic happens!
You see, being natural is a way of Being, not just a few tricks or techniques that you employ when the going gets tough or that you incorporate into other ways of thinking. (I have a favorite phrase, and that is: “You can’t be a little bit natural, just like you can’t be a little bit pregnant. You either are, or you aren’t”.
I hear a lot of people talk about trainers who ‘do some natural stuff’ – and what they really mean is that some techniques (and maybe some principles) have been adopted that they find work for them. While that can be a good thing, what’s really important is the thinking that drives those techniques …
It’s true that it takes a certain amount of Bravery to learn to Think Like a Horse (which is the basis for natural horsemanship) – others may not like it and ridicule you – put you down and snub you. So it takes some guts to stand up for what you believe in your heart.
Being part of the Brave Society is empowering and gives you a wonderful feeling of self-worth. I mention all this because my background in (human) Personal Development and Motivation has had a huge impact on my life, back before it was quite ‘fashionable’ to embrace The Secret and other fantastic inspirations.
Being natural with your horse is about developing yourself, above anything else – and this is can be a challenging prospect. However, the rewards for you, your horse, and your life, can be so dramatic, it could change your life! Enter the Society of the Brave!

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