The Best of Friends

Meet Harry and Rebel, two good buddies who are part of a herd of five – see their changing moods in this series of photographs! Their play is mock-fighting and doing what comes naturally to them, along with just the pleasure of being still in each other’s space.

These two enjoy a gambol in the arena too … after all, the arena’s for them too, right? The fun of the firm sand under their hooves in the middle of winter when the paddock is wet, muddy and slippery can provide additional joy … so let ’em loose, sit back and enjoy the show!

You know how it is to have a best friend … someone you have a special relationship with, someone you joke around with, share things with, and simply enjoy each others’ company! If you are a horse lover, you probably already know that horses develop special friends too.

It’s not good enough to be ‘over the fence’ from your friends! Buddies like Harry and Rebel do best and are much happier when they are allowed to live naturally, ie: in the same pasture.
In the Horse Psychology and Behaviour Courses that I’m running this winter, we talk a lot about the different needs of horses (Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual) and a horse who has most of her needs met are happier and have less ‘issues’ than those whose needs are not being met.
Studies have shown that Wild and feral horses develop special friends too … loyalties and preferences being a part of herd life.
A horse alone in the field is one of the saddest sights of all … always provide your horse with a friend and if you have a herd who run together, know that you are providing a natural social environment that is healthy for your horses, the added bonus being great entertainment for you when the mood’s right!

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