About Wrangler Jayne

Jayne is the founder and creator of Wrangler Jayne’s Natural Horsemanship with Heart, based in the Yarra Valley, near Melbourne, Australia, from where she provides Education for horse owners and horses through her Horsemanship and Riding clinics, workshops, private lessons, demonstrations and internationally-acclaimed training DVDs for horses and donkeys.

She also conducts Horse Psychology and Behaviour courses, (2021 marks the 10 year Anniversary of this Course) based on findings and research during over 2 decades of studying equine behaviour and teaching humans about gentle communication based on the needs of the horse.

In addition to her work with horse owners across Australia, she is also an enthusiastic and highly rated motivational speaker, speaking for corporate groups at their conferences, sales and management meetings and training sessions.

Her client list includes MYOB and other notable companies.

Jayne’s been featured on television’s Talk to the Animals; done demonstrations for Equitana Melbourne, graced the cover of OUTBACK magazine; had profile articles in several horse magazines; is the author of regular newspaper columns on horse behaviour and handling; had a regular segment on rural radio, been interviewed by radio guru and author Rick Lamb and featured on his radio program in the USA, and included in his book ‘The Revolution in Horsemanship’.

The RSPCA Victoria engaged Jayne for their state-wide workshop tour to educate new horse owners about horse psychology and equine behaviour in 2010. Jayne represented natural horsemanship at the 2013 Concours de Dressage International event near Melbourne and has been a regular participant in Pet Expos around Victoria, with her arabian gelding, Arriba. In 2012 Jayne was nominated for the Australian Equitarian Award.

Jayne was included in the book, ‘Unconditional Love’ with her story of her rescued brumby and is actively involved in the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of equines in Australia and offers support to several horse welfare organisations such as Project Hope, as well as being a spokesperson for the preservation of our wild brumbies.

These days Jayne works exclusively in Victoria, concentrating on her herd of 10 horses, her horsemanship and the business of running her online shop, while giving classes, clinics and workshops for horse lovers of all ages. She is currently working on first book.

Jayne says, “My work with horses has evolved over the decades, and nowadays I am very passionate about the spirituality of horses and the Gentle Art of Being with Horses. Of course horses are big, strong and powerful animals, so an understanding of them is needed, to remain safe and confident. It’s that mix of understanding, skills and intuition that makes a true horse person, and an enduring love for this amazing creature who deigns to accept us!”

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