Wrangler Jayne is an Australian natural horsewoman, based in the Yarra Valley, who has been teaching The Horsemanship with Heart program of enlightened holistic relationships with horses since 2000 to a worldwide audience.

Hello and welcome!

I’m Wrangler Jayne, an Australian horse (and people!) educator.

I love helping people just like you with their horses through natural horsemanship clinics, horse psychology workshops, personal coaching, online classes, children’s programs and more.

My approach is simple: heartfelt, with principles based on horse psychology and the innate behaviours natural to all horses.

Your horsemanship, your relationship with your horse, and your horse’s welfare are important to me. So you can be your best for your horse, I have developed a practical, holistic horsemanship program that will help you become a knowledgeable, confident and competent horse person.

I also offer an online shop offering you quality ropes, halters and other natural tools that will assist you with your connection with your horse.

Always do it with Heart
Wrangler Jayne

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Dear Wrangler Jayne, it was such an honour, once again, to be blessed with your lovely presence. You inspire, uplift, educate and encourage everyone whose lives you touch. Thank you.
Carolyn Elise Bischof, The Winged Horse Equine Welfare
Fabulous! Fantastic! Awesome Experience! Jayne is a wonderful teacher - great techniques and heart.
Luna Den Elzen
I loved Jayne’s attitude towards everything, very enthusiastic and funny. I learnt numerous new techniques that I will definitely practice at home, and liked how understanding Jayne was towards the horses as well as us.
Ashleigh Archer
Today was really helpful and fun, this is a really good way to learn about ground manners and how to handle horses on the ground.
Really enjoyed the whole day, we were given lots of information and tips to learn and to be able to help our horses with.
Awesome clinic. So informative, so much fun! I have learnt so much in today’s clinic - safety, comfort, play, food, learning to breathe, so much to learn. I feel much more comfortable about groundwork and space.
Karen Archer
Jayne’s work is enthusiastic, passionate, professional and well researched. I really enjoyed learning how to better read my horse, what he’s thinking and why.
Tonia Atkins
Thanks, Jayne. I have learnt heaps and the info will really help me with my extremely nervous horse.
Jodie Blythman
What a beautiful introduction to horses. I love that it’s all about respecting their personalities. It was a privilege to get to know Jayne’s horses.
Justin Hoogenraad
It’s been an amazing day with Jayne. Very educational. Jayne’s teaching was very informative, very hands-on, very gentle and yet precise … I highly recommend Jayne to everyone.
Venus Lee
I enjoyed your workshop immensely. I loved how clear you were at explaining everything … lovely attitude and great presentation.
Nancy McFarlane
Jayne’s workshop was great - informative, energetic and fun and very useful. You can tell it’s a real passion … thank you!
Jodie Forster
Jayne’s very engaging and approachable, and the workshop was relaxed and incredibly informative and educational.
Deb Baker
Highly Recommended! I learnt SO much about the psychology of the horse. Fascinating -everyone with a horse should do Jayne’s workshops!
Leanne O’Brien
Love your style of teaching … your perception and ability to speak for the horse
Deb Parsons, founder Aquila Acres
Jayne has a lovely softness with horses and they just trust her …
Marianne Sawyer
I always enjoy Wrangler Jayne’s workshops. I admire and aspire to her profound understanding of horse and what motivates them. I loved watching the change that comes over horses the instant Jayne interacts with them. I love the methods Jayne uses to communicate with both horses and people .. wow.
Valentina la Piana
Thank you Jayne for an amazing day. Very inspirational and motivational … you are an amazing instructor. Thank you again.
Chris White
Amazing workshop that I would recommend to everyone. I have a better understanding of what I need to do for my horse’s benefit and welfare and form him to be a happy horse.
Everything was brilliant. I loved every second. All easy to follow and understand. Thank you so so much!
Thank you for your time, effort and support. You are a wonderful person whose dedication and love of horses shines through and touches those around you with inspiration and kindness.
The experience had me feeling more comfortable with my horse, feeling we have the ability to create a great relationship. Jayne’s teaching is fantastic, encouraging and knowledgeable.
Terri Flanagan
I saw big changes in my horse in Jayne’s clinic! I was surprised how quickly it happened - the day helped me understand my horse much more .. thanks to Jayne.
Ashlee D

“A great life with horses is one Inspired by Love and guided by Knowledge.” – Wrangler Jayne

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