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Wrangler Jayne's Horsemanship with Heart DVDs offer you one of the world's most detailed programs about natural horsemanship foundation ground skills and the basics of bitless riding.

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Each professionally produced DVD set gives you great value with Jayne's step-by-step instruction, presented in a way that is understandable, fun and simple to follow.

These DVDs will form the base of your success with EVERYTHING you do with your horse.

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Ground Skills Essentials Part 1 "Touching your Horse with your Heart"

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This is where you start with the Horsemanship with Heart program. Building the relationship with your horse is like building a house - put a solid foundation down first! 

Jayne explains in detail, with several horses, just how Trust Confidence and Respect can be earned, using firm, yet gentle body language and touch in ways that are more natural for the horse to understand.

It's gentle, it's considering the horse's point of view, it gets results and it's always done with Heart.

This whole program (including Essentials 2 & 3) form the foundation of your communication with any horse - no matter what type of horse you have, or what sort of activities you do with him or her.  This set is Essential viewing and will give you the skills to become a better, more knowledgeable horseperson.

Ground Skills Essentials Part 2

 "Communicating with your Heart"

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Expand on your dreams to have the relationship you've always wanted with your horse in Part 2 of Ground Skills Essentials! 

Communicating with your horse with your heart uses the language of the horse, playing physical ‘games’ with your horse - online - to help you build Trust, Confidence and Respect.  Each foundation exercise will improve your communication skills and establish you as the leading partner in your relationship.  

Jayne explains each game and demonstrates in detail just how it’s done, through teaching phases that help your horse understand and respond softly and lightly to your requests.

This detailed instruction will help you enjoy successful sessions at home with your horse.


Ground Skills Essentials Part 3  

"Heart Moves"

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Using your energy, body language and focus, you’ll expand the skills you’ve developed in Programs 1 and 2 and learn how to use your tools more effectively to ask your horse to move around more.

You’ll see how to ask for impulsion and respect, while keeping things soft and light and developing your own timing and feel.  Jayne explains the purpose of each game and clearly demonstrates each exercise so you can enjoy successful sessions at home. 


Float Loading Made Easy

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Travelling with your horse can be a relaxed, comfortable, safe and enjoyable exercise for everyone!

Jayne believes that Float or Trailer Loading Training is not an Event, it is a Process.  Using a few foundation skills, like those covered in the Ground Skills Essentials Parts 1, 2 and 3, you'll find this method amazingly simple.

Jayne covers the 3 Parts to Travelling with your Horse and shows you with Sharif just how the process works, in a real-time situation. This is essential material for everyone travelling with a horse.

Relaxed Riding  

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Preparing yourself and your horse for riding is the most important part of the riding experience.

Discover how to ask for your horse's permission to mount up ... lack of permission for mounting can be the root of many problems.

The goal is to make your riding experience a safe, relaxed one for both you and your horse.

This set will also show you how to control and communicate without a bit, and gives you some skills you can practice that will help you and your horse stay relaxed and safe as you progress with your bitless riding program.



The Top 10 Tips for Regular Horsecare

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Even everyday horse care 'jobs' need to be done correctly to ensure that you are always building the relationship of Trust, Confident and Respect.

Jayne shows you how she prepares a horse for deworming, takes a horse's temperature, cleans the male sheath and desensitises a horse for rugging, along with other every day activities with which many horse owners have challenges.

This is a must-have DVD for maintaining safe, relaxed horse handling.


“Jayne …. I am thrilled to tell you that after watching and starting to implement the basics on your DVDS, my horse and I are already turning the corner and feeling much more comfortable together - he even came to the back gate of the barn yesterday asking to come in and play with me rather than stay turned out in the pasture with his buddies!  I even tried some of your techniques with our new "babies" at the barn (colts & filly ages 4-6 months) yesterday using trust games and had great responses even though it was our first day of play together!  Lisa Hopper. USA

What's your Dream?

If you've always wanted to achieve a natural connection with your horse, both on the ground and while riding, this is where it all begins!  

If you've dreamed of riding without a bit in your horse's mouth, this is the way to do it - preparing yourself and your horse for the ride of your life!

Your approach; your touch; your body language; your energy - it all means something to your horse.

Find out how to build a loving, respectful relationship while keeping safe. Discover how to be gentle yet firm and focussed.

Help your horse become more relaxed, trusting, confident and respectful -  therefore more enjoyable to be around and ride. You'll see Jayne demonstrate with different horses, just how all this can work for you.


Results you've always wanted!

You'll get immediate results when you apply these skills to your own situation, and you'll be delighted with how the bond with your horse just keeps getting better and better!

Jayne takes you to where you can move your horse around, with a finger ... or a feather! And your horse becomes even more responsive and soft online! You'll build more respect, you'll become lighter with your requests, and the magic will start to unfold! There are no mysteries to communicating gently and effectively with horses ... it's about using the power of your focus, along with your breathing and your energy ... for that true connection.

Using the Horsemanship with Heart riding program, you'll be safer, you'll understand your horse's behaviour and learn how to use your body to communicate kindly, softly and with flexibility.  And all this without ever putting a bit in your horse's mouth. 

Wrangler Jayne's natural horsemanship education offers you solid solutions to real issues, friendly encouragement and inspiration, a fresh approach to learning and techniques that work so you achieve fantastic results with your horse.







"When I created these DVDs, I asked students what they really wanted from a training video - and they asked for details, clear examples and an explanation of 'why' ... they wanted it to be really helpful, something they could follow, learn from and apply with confidence .... so I did everything with this in mind so that you are able to do it at home with your horse!

It's like having me right there with you!"  - Jayne.