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Using Wrangler Jayne's Horsemanship with Heart program, you'll be safer, you'll understand your horse's behaviour and learn how to use your body language to communicate for better results.  And all this without ever putting a bit in your horse's mouth. 

Jayne's natural horsemanship education offers you solid solutions to real issues, friendly encouragement and inspiration, a fresh approach to learning and techniques that work so you achieve fantastic results with your horse.


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"Jayne, since you came into Sasha's and my life, I have had nothing but absolute inspiration, motivation, and success and I want to emphasise SUCCESS. You have shown me the way!!!  The progress I have made in these last few months have been because of you Jayne.  Although I have had Sasha in my life for 19 years, I can honestly say this last year has been my best with her.  I owe it to you.  Thank you sooooo very much from the bottom of my heart and I truly mean it." - Dori and Sasha.


"Everyone who has a horse should watch Wrangler Jayne's DVD's they are infomative, easy to understand and just make sense. I have learnt so much and my Molly and I are doing fantastically well. Thanks Jayne." - Sue Domselaar


Hi Jayne,

I just wanted to give you some proper feedback from the clinic on Saturday after have have time to digest and analyse what I have learnt.  I am so glad I found you (or vice versa)… I have been waiting to find someone who held the same beliefs about horse ownership as me. It’s so hard being a new horse owner and having everyone tell you how it should be done. Example, ‘get a rearing bit and don’t bring him out of the paddock without it’… ‘Get running reins, get hobbles’… ‘Get a Marque Harborough’… ‘Lunge him’…  ‘Feed him this, don’t feed him that’ … ‘Jerk here, jerk there’… Nothing I was told or heard sat very well with me and I had some bad experiences with the way people treated my horse – especially farriers.

The pressure from people to ‘ride’ him was awful too. I didn’t want to ride him… I just wanted to develop a relationship with him starting with him trusting me. I wanted to spend time with him in his paddock just lying down with him in the sun when he first came off the race track and was exhausted. People thought I was crazy. Everybody was saying what’s the point of having a horse if you’re not going to ride him? So I rode him a few times and frankly it was an awful experience. I felt like I was just another person who was using him for that purpose. I felt guilty and ashamed.

Anyway, over time I had developed our relationship to a point where I felt he trusted me but that’s about it. At your clinic on Saturday it was like I saw the light! I felt validated in every way. I understood so much more about the way my horse was reacting to me and why. I just got so much out of your clinic I could go on about it all day. I have started watching the DVD as well and I know it is going to be my horse owner’s bible. My relationship with my horse is going to be very special and when I feel that we are ready to go for a ride then that is what we will do. I just want to thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart and on my horse's behalf as well. - Elizabeth L., Melbourne, Australia.


My boy who is only 20 months was showing disrespect. For a while I didn't know what to do. Then your advice Jayne got thru to me then got thru to him so much so that I felt a reading of minds sometimes. I know that sounds silly but I'd look at him and he would look at me as if to say I don't like what your doing and i'd stop. Wow.  - Joanne Wallace Russell, Queensland, Australia.



Ways you can participate in the Wrangler Jayne Horsemanship With Heart program for best results:

Join the Horsemanship with Heart Network for 30% Discount on all DVDs, ongoing support, study aids, and more;

Study the Horsemanship with Heart DVDs that are highly explanatory and demonstrate exactly how to do things;

Participate in a Horsemanship with Heart Horse Psychology and Behaviour Workshop

Participate in a clinic at a location near you;

Personal lessons at your place;

Be a clinic or workshop Host and set up your own event with Jayne.

Wrangler Jayne Horsemanship with heart clinic

Horsemanship with Heart is all about safety, enjoyment and achievement. This is possible by first understanding, and then applying the principles of horse psychology to the human-horse relationship.

The program focusses on Jayne's 3 steps to natural communication,  creating the foundation for everything you ever wanted to do with your horse both on the ground and then on his back.

Even if you are already studying natural horsemanship, the Horsemanship with Heart Essentials DVD series will give you that 'extra edge' that will elevate your skills.

In addition, students can chart their progress in The Horsemanship with Heart Levels Program.

Learning the principles of Horsemanship with Heart is a PROCESS, not an event. It’s not about a quick fix-it pill to address problems without considering the needs of the horse.  A horseperson with heart is able to put him or herself in their horse’s hooves, and this program shows you how.

Mechanics, fear and force are replaced by understanding, sensitivity and patience, and with no more than a rope halter on your horse’s head! Yes, you need love in your heart, before anything else, and then you need specific knowledge and techniques to really get results!  The Wrangler Jayne Essentials DVD program offers you that.