Natural Horsemanship Clinics


Horse Psychology & Behaviour Workshops

Jayne's natural horsemanship clinics are always filled with information that will help you understand your horse, as well as ideas you can use, with a focus on safety and enjoyment, for both horse and human.

Clinics include the games of natural horsemanship, problem-solving, and riding tuition. Regular horse agility days are also now being scheduled. Choose from 1-day or Weekend Natural Horsemanship Clinics, or you can host your own event!

Jayne has extensive experience as a natural horsemanship educator over almost 20 years, to bring you these important Psychology and Behaviour workshops, designed to be educational, interractive and enjoyable, with information that you can use with every horse you come into contact with.

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"Zebedee and I have never learnt more in a day - it was truly BRILLIANT. My gorgeous boy now moves WITH A FEATHER (no, not the whole bird) a single feather. It was an awesome day and if ever you want to learn how to be at one with your horse, go to a clinic with Jayne. Im already looking for my next one!" - Vanessa  


Horsemanship Clinics

"What an awesome day! I am tired and sunburnt but so motivated as each time I do a clinic or a workshop you reinforce for me that natural is the only way. Your guidance, assistance, encouragement and help are so invaluable. I can not tell you how much it meant to me to have you come up and doing this clinic today."

- Paula, Victoria, Australia

Practical methods

You'll discover practical methods of communicating with your horse that help your horse see you as the leader in your partnership, using focus and body language. You'll learn the foundation philosophies of modern (natural) horsemanship, giving you insights into your horse's character and behaviour. 

Personal help

As part of a small group of natural horsemanship students, you'll be given personal, hands-on assistance from Jayne as she explains everything in a clear, friendly way, while you practice and learn new skills.

Whether you are new to Jayne's teachings or already on your natural horsemanship journey, being part of these Clinics will enhance your abilities and understanding, helping you be a better human for your horse.

Positive and gentle

The atmosphere is always positive, beautiful and natural!  You'll feel right at home, no matter what level you are at.  You can bring your horse along, and receive encouragement from Jayne as you develop your skills or you can also attend as a spectator, and still learn heaps.

Horse Psychology Courses

 "Jayne  ... you've opened up a whole new world to me of understanding.  I learnt more over this weekend about horses than I think I have in my 20 years of owning horses!  Thank you for your passion and the wonderful content of this fantastic workshop!"

Kylie, Victoria, Australia.


Develop your ability to think like a horse

Learning about Horse Psychology and Behaviour will form the foundation of everything you do with your horse. These unique courses and workshops will give you a deeper understanding of your horse and how to apply that knowledge to your own situation for more safety and enjoyment.   

When you develop your ability to think like a horse, a range of issues and 'problems' become less challenging.  When you are able to see things as your horse does, and understand what are the most important things to him, the solutions are clearer.

Understanding Body language

Reading your horse, from head to toe, can give you valuable insights into what he is thinking and feeling.  Your own body language is important too, so knowing how horses respond best to your movements is a key to better communication.

Personal sessions for maximum learning

These workshops are a great experience for a small group of special students!  You’ll learn heaps and have lots of fun, as you discover more about horse psychology, handling and behaviour.

Depending on the length of the course or workshop you select, included will be theory classroom sessions with slides, notes and discussion modules; demonstration by Jayne; herd observation; and problem solving.  





How about put together your own group and have Jayne come to you!  To start, What you need is a minimum of 6 people who would love to come along and learn from Jayne! 

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