About Wrangler Jayne and the Horsemanship with Heart Program

Australian-born Wrangler Jayne is an internationally respected natural horsemanship instructor, having studied and followed natural horsemanship principles and philosophies for 20 years.   Her uniquely gentle style of human-equine communication gets results without force, fear or coercion. Jayne's early influences were Pat Parelli and other masters such as Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling and notably, Philip Nye from Tasmania.  

As Jayne's mentor and teacher, Philip has had an enduring influence on her horsemanship approach and ultimately, on the development of her own unique Australian natural horsemanship training program, Natural Horsemanship with Heart, based in the beautiful Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia.

Horsemanship with Heart natural horsemanship education encompasses the whole horse, not just her education, behaviour and psychology.  

Jayne is a dedicated advocate of bare hooves, bit-free communication and natural, holistic horse keeping, and does not lend her support to organisations or industries that exploit the horse’s rights, such as horse racing and rodeos. 

You can keep up to date on a daily basis with what's happening in Jayne's world through her Blog and Facebook page. 

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Trust, Confidence, Respect

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Doing it with Heart



Natural Horsemanship with Heart

Jayne has thousands of dedicated students around the world who are following this gentle program of natural horsemanship and self-improvement.  Coming from a professional background in personal motivation and human development, Jayne is able to help people see their own potential, live positively, and assist with the learning process

Jayne'natural horsemanship training programclinics and horse psychology workshops are personalised and customised for best results for human and horse!

Through  DVDs, clinics, workshops and personal coaching, Jayne offers you education and assistance in these areas:

  • Natural ground communication

  • Bit-free riding

  • Bareback dynamics

  • Foal imprinting and handling

  • Playing with your horse at liberty (freeplay)

  • Float loading

  • Challenging horses

  • Miniature horses and ponies

  • Donkey Handling (Natural Donkeymanship)
  • Natural hoof trimming guidance

  • Stable and shelter design

  • Arena and roundyard design

  • and more.